Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/21 - 8/23

Friday night my boyfriend and I walked to the store to get some ingredients for dinner. He is the most personable, friendly person I know, so he started talking to a random guy about football because the guy was wearing a Kansas City mask and he had his Broncos mask on.

Saturday we ran out to the Excelsior flea market to see Dave!

We checked out all the booths while we were there and I scored this awesome fleece from the handmadecompany for $14! Can't wait to bring it on my West Coast road trip that I leave for on Saturday!

Saturday night I met up with two friends for a drink at Cafe Lurcat. They made their back alleyway into a patio and it gives off major European vibes. It is completely hidden from the sun so we weren't sweating our butts off!

My friends had an AirBnB on Lake Minnetonka all weekend so I swung by on Sunday for a little Sunday Funday. It was a gorgeous house and quite possibly the perfect weekend to be on the lake with the heat!

Hope you survived/enjoyed the heat and had a great weekend!

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