Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/14 - 8/16

Friday night was quite the adventure. My boyfriend and I had planned to go to the Vali-Hi Drive-in and although we knew a storm was coming, we stuck to our plans. We got there at 7pm, the first showing was supposed to begin at 9:15pm. My boyfriend brought along a camping stove and made ramen on it. We were there for an hour before the storm clouds started rolling in.

As it began to sprinkle, everyone packed up their cars, and waited it out. I love thunderstorms but wasn't the biggest fan of being in a car in the middle of a huge parking lot as we got hammered with rain and hail. It passed in about 30 minutes and afterwards, the lightning was so cool to watch.

We saw Jurassic Park and mid-way through my boyfriend made us s'mores. I've never done a drive-in before but definitely want to go back cause we had a lot of fun. We loaded up the back of his car with blankets and pillows, packed snacks, and even if the movie wouldn't have happened because of the storm, it was still fun and something different to do!

Saturday I got detoured going back to Minneapolis from my boyfriend's. It took me pretty far out of the way so I got annoyed but then decided to make the best of it and went to a coffee shop I've wanted to try and then stumbled into a succulent shop nearby and loved it! It's called Brown and Greene Floral in the Linden Hills neighborhood. I saw this hanging on the wall and decided to get it! Ever since I moved to Minneapolis from Wisconsin, I've lived in Uptown the majority of the time so I felt like it was meant to be that I stumbled into this shop and found it.

Saturday night I grabbed drinks with Intern John who was in town visiting his family from DC!

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