Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Ava Louise Comes to Visit

It was a good weekend. I got out to run 3 miles straight without stopping, which used to be easy for me, but I haven't run much lately. We kept pretty busy and the highlight was Allison and her baby Ava came to visit!

Let's get started!

Saturday we went to downtown Excelsior. It was packed with people and such a beautiful day. We walked all the way along the shore which I've never done before. Carson even came along!

There was a flea market so we stopped at a stand selling masks and picked up these two. Stand by because next Saturday I may be at that same flea market selling Clipadoos and my book! I put in a letter to see if I can get in so I'm waiting to hear back!

Okay there's a bit of a story behind this picture. When I was about 10, my dad and I made the blue Pinewood Derby car for Scouts. Well, he actually carved it and I painted it and put the stickers on it.

I was at this flea market and saw this old toy race car that looked so much like the one my dad carved, I just knew that that very car was the inspiration for his carving. The nose, the windshield and the head rest are exactly the same! I don't know if he saw it in a picture or saw this toy, but I had to get it. I felt like it was kind of a God Wink and my dad had wanted me to find and buy that car.

Later that day, we drove our bikes to Victoria and rode to Excelsior for lunch, then rode back. Lemme tell ya, if you don't ride a bike very often, you feel it!

And finally the best part! Allison brought little Ava over for a visit! She's changed a lot since we saw her 10 days ago when she was only 2 days old. She's much more alert and follows sounds with her eyes and looks around. She's such a little peanut! Just love her!

I hope you had a good weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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