Should Ellen Be Cancelled? Check Out Buzzfeed's 15 Cringeworthy Moments

I've never really watched The Ellen Show cuz I'm just not a big TV watcher, but I've always liked Ellen. When people started talking about how mean she is in real life, I figured it was just lazy staff members being bitter about being asked to work hard. (I've worked with people like that!)

But now, more and more people are saying she was rude to them when they were a guest on the show.

I read this article and most of these seem like Ellen being funny and asking those questions we all want to ask but can't get away with. Ellen could ask them because she's funny and lovable and she's Ellen. But you know how people are; as soon as there's an opportunity to turn on someone, they'll turn those clever and funny questions in to "attacks."

Can you tell that I'm still on Team Ellen at least for now?

Check out this great article from Buzzfeed and see if it changes your mind.

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