Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/7 - 8/9

Friday I didn't do much worth documenting so let's jump to Saturday shall we?! I went for a run. I tried to take a picture with the rear-view camera because I broke my selfie camera last week but it didn't work so this is what a selfie picture looks like now. Has a bit of a fog filter to it and it kind of works for this picture since it's helping hide the extreme amount of sweat dripping off me after my run.

I parked my car near a park I like to run hills at so I did some hills and then got to my car at 1:54pm. The time is important because I saw across the street a small wedding was about to take place and I wanted to stick around to see the bride(s)/groom(s) so I sat in my car and waited thinking it would start at 2pm. Now I realize I was not invited to this wedding. And yes this might have been a little creepy, BUT there are very few things to do with a global pandemic happening so I figured it wouldn't hurt to watch a little bit of the wedding. Well, I saw one of the attendees looking my way a few times and then felt like I was invading the privacy of this wedding so I drove away at 2:01pm without seeing any of the ceremony. Sad day, but congrats to whoever got married!

Saturday night my boyfriend and I went on a walk through Crosby Farm Regional Park and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. It was my boyfriend's idea to go there so naturally I blamed the mosquitoes on him and then proceeded to take pictures of all my bites, circle them, and send to him today. I counted about 15 bites.

We also went on a little brunch date at Benedict's in Wayzata Sunday. If you go there, you HAVE to get the monkey bread. 11/10 !

I had the crab oscar benedict and also would recommend that!

Thanks for looking at my blog, and feel free to let me know if you think it was creepy I was trying to watch that wedding, haha :)

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