Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: You Gotta See What I Saw The Other Night

This first picture is technically from Thursday night but I have to share it. I was out looking for our dog Louie who had gotten loose when I heard a sound. I pointed the light from my phone in the general direction, I could see something but I don't know what so I took a picture. Those EYES! I think it's either a Fox or a opossum

At first I thought it was probably a rabbit but the head shape is just wrong. A little context, this is a patch of woods across from our house and the pile of debris you see is from a fort some kids in our neighborhood made back in May.

Maybe it IS a bunny but that's one evil looking bunny.

Olivia was pooped on by a bird over the weekend and I had never heard that it’s actually good luck but everyone says that us is, seriously, that’s a thing? I never knew.

The highlight of my weekend which is pretty basic is playing soccer on both Friday and Saturday with our neighbors.

More nature at our house. Found this little guy on a tarp I had in the backyard that I was using to collect grass.

Last picture is Isaac and some jars, he and I picked some cucumbers from our garden that we're now attempting to pickle.

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