Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures...We saw a WHAT at the Golf Course???

And poof, just like that, the weekend is over. I hope you had a good one. The weather people said it was gonna rain on Saturday but it was nice pretty much all weekend. I hope you got to enjoy it!

Let's get started!

My daughter Allison has been at home since the beginning of March. That's 5 months. She goes to Target, comes to see us, goes on walks, but she's getting pretty restless in her last few days of pregnancy. About 2 months ago I sent her a Nintendo Switch and we've both been playing Animal Crossing. This weekend I came to visit her island and we got this picture together. Funny how Animal Crossing makes everyone look like an adorable young kid.

Carson and I went golfing at Glen Lake on Friday. Shout out to Ron and Ann, the most adorable charming older couple. We were teamed up with them and we loved talking to them. It was like golfing with your grandparents. On hole number four, Carson saw this guy, a wild turkey. Carson just loves animals so he tried to get up close to him. The turkey wasn't really having it.

I had an online ukulele club meeting and it went pretty well! If you play and want to join us, I'll have information on this page early this week.

My son Chase has had a tough year. He had Influenza A in January and had to miss a ski trip with Carson and me. Then during the riots he was pepper sprayed and shot with a rubber bullet. A week ago he was in a terrible car crash and was lucky to walk away with minor injuries. One of the reporters at a competing TV station gave him this award. I love it. Especially because it was from a competitor.

We took a five-mile walk to downtown Chan. This is Josie slurping up some water at Caribou. She's 11 years old but still has the energy of a puppy. Just love her!

And that's it! It's the first week of August already and normally we'd be looking forward to the State Fair. (WAAAAAAH-Waaaaaaah!) But it's different this year. So find something to look forward to! It's important to have something to look forward to, especially now when life seems to repeat itself week after week. Even if it's trying a new place for carry-out, or riding on a different bike trail. We can always find something.

Oh, here's the link to my latest podcast if you want to give a new podcast a try. I talk about Allison waiting for her baby and the whole Ellen situation.

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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