Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 7/24 - 7/26

Friday 7/24 -

I went home to Apple Valley to have dinner with my parents & my neighbor was actually getting married in our backyard! We have a big backyard that's shared by 3 homes, so all the other neighbors gathered on a deck to watch. Congrats to Cassie & Ryan!!

Then I headed over to Falen's to watch The Kissing Booth 2 with her & Harry.

Only Harry & Elliott were prepared for this photo.

We. Are. Models.

If you didn't know, Falen paints! She is an EXCELLENT painter. 10/10 would recommend. I was able to steal this pretty little number from her & if you can believe it, this was one of her earliest paintings and they have gotten even more amazing since.

I love having original art & I love having my friend's original art even more!

Saturday 7/25 -

Saturday we surprised my friend & fellow dance coach for her birthday! Happy Birthday, Jenny!!

Sunday 7/26 -

I basically spent all of Sunday being super lazy. I watched Palm Springs on Hulu & Banana Split on Netflix.

I also had a quality friend chat with Raven, our old night girl.

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