Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 7/24 - 7/26

I started my weekend off doing something I've never done before, grilling on my own. I was prepping grilled corn for my "Cooking with Jenny" FB live I had Friday night. I realize it's a gas grill, and all you do is grill the corn with the husks on for about 7 minutes each side but I still thought I'd screw it up.

For the Facebook Live I made Blueberry and Grilled Corn Salsa and Watermelon Margaritas. It all turned out super good and was the perfect app/drink combo for a hot summer night. If you want to try the recipes for yourself, click here!

I found out Friday night someone I had been around earlier in the week had tested positive for COVID so I spent the rest of my weekend in self-isolation and am getting tested on Tuesday. I stayed in my apartment all day Saturday and Facetimed with family/friends. Here's my niece right after getting up from a little nap.

I did leave my apt to watch part of the storm Saturday night just so I could get some fresh air. No one was out since it was storming and even though it was thundering and lightning, it felt so peaceful to me.

My boyfriend is staying away until I find out the results to my test so I asked if I could have partial custody of his dog to at least have her keep me company. He was also kind enough to get me enough groceries to last the week. Here he is dropping her and my groceries off. Not to get all mushy gushy but man did it suck to see him for a second and not be able to even hug him.

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