Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Carson's Very First...?



Hope you had a good weekend...Mine was odd and good and bad and upsetting all at the same time. My son Chase was in a serious car accident in Colorado Springs on Thursday night. I didn't find out until Friday afternoon at 2 when a friend of mine in Colorado Springs texted to ask how he was doing after his car accident. I texted Chase's mom right away and she called me and told me all about it.

He was driving back from reporting a story he was working on (he's a TV reporter) and an oncoming car crossed the median, rolled and Chase couldn't avoid hitting it. The other driver was seriously hurt and Chase was pretty shaken up, but was able to walk away. His airbags deployed and the entire front of the news SUV was taking off. The other driver's car was barely recognizable as a car at all. Another few inches or a split second either way could have resulted in a very different outcome. And that, despite the good new that Chase is okay, is very upsetting. It makes you ask "What if?" over and over and over.

I talked to Chase Friday and Saturday and I'll tell ya, that kid is always in a good mood. Always selfless, always asking about me instead of talking about himself. His mom and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but I've told her many times in the last few years that she and her ex-husband did a great job raising him.

Okay, on to other things. Here's my weekend in five pictures.

Friday was a beautiful day to golf, so Carson and I hit up the beautiful and luxurious Halla Golf Course in Chan. It's a great little course with some challenging par 3, (especially the unforgiving 3rd hole!) and a couple of par 4s.

And on hole number 5...Carson drove the green, 160 yards, and sank a 15 foot putt for his first ever birdie! Look at that smile!

Nothing much Saturday...I rode the motorcycle to Watertown and had lunch at Riverside Bar and Restaurant. Have the Hungover Loon Burger cuz it's awesome! Later that day we rode to Enki Brewing in Victoria where Susan beat me at Rumikub by one tile!

Carson had seen some YouTuber recommend Portillo's so we went up there Sunday for lunch and it was pretty good!

After all the not-so-healthy food, we went for a walk with Josie. We walked to the Caribou in Chan and back, total of over five miles. It was hot but I love hot weather so I'm not complaining!

I hope you have a great week!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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