You Aren't Alone, As You Get Older, Summer Loses Its Magic

When you’re a kid, summer is the BEST but once you grow up and start working the excitement dwindles. That doesn’t mean adults aren’t at least trying to keep that joy of summer alive. A new survey finds two-thirds of Americans believe summer loses its magic as they get older. Things that take the fun out of summer for adults include: Grown up responsibilities, Not having enough time, Having jobs.

While there's nothing you can do about getting old here are top activities adults plan to recreate from their youth to keep the magic of summer.

  • Spending time with friends (44%)
  • Bonfires (31%)
  • Camping in the woods (30%)
  • Swimming in a pool (30%)
  • Family vacations (27%)
  • Family reunions (27%)
  • Sleepovers with friends (27%)
  • Swimming in a large body of water (25%)
  • Playing outside all day (25%
  • Sleeping in the backyard (23%)

More on the study here.

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