Did Mattel Steal This Former News Reporters Look for Their New Barbie?

A former TV reporter is pretty sure Mattel copied her likeness for its news anchor Barbie doll. A former news reporter alleges that Mattel stole her likeness for a news reporter Barbie doll. Olivia Mancuso was a TV reporter for five years and when the toy company released a version of the iconic doll, she thought it looked a lot like her. She first made the claim back in 2017, when that Barbie was released, but she’s now bringing it up again on TikTok.

“In January of 2017, I wore this outfit, a purple dress, a blue necklace and nude heels — thought nothing of it. Until 11 months later,” Olivia says in the video. She explains that her friend sent her a photo of the reporter Barbie because she thought it looked very similar to her. The Barbie is wearing the same color dress, a blue necklace and nude heels. She also has the same long brunette hair as Olivia and an olive complexion like hers.

Back in 2017, she Tweeted Mattel to say, “I’m not saying the new reporter Barbie stole my look but …” and they replied with “Incredible style, Olivia!” In her TikTok, the former reporter says, “So yeah, I am pretty sure Mattel stole my likeness and there’s nothing I can do about it.” But she also seems to have a positive attitude about it, adding, “But it’s pretty cool to say I have a Barbie that looks a lot like me.” And she even owns one of the dolls herself.

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