Tina's Cabin Weekend in Five-ish Photos 7/17 - 7/19

Wet, but not wet wet.

Oh hey guys, it's me Tina. I know I'm still sucking at remembering to do my weekend in top photos, but I'm trying! This weekend I went to my friend Tony's cabin in Wisconsin. I've been invited for probably the last 5-ish years, but have never been able to go because my summer schedule is normally so full. So I guess this is a positive of COVID!

Friday 7/17 -

Our first day out on the lake. I mean, it's kinda pretty.

Honestly, I tried really hard not to be on my phone this weekend. We went to a sandbar and played games all afternoon. I got V burnt.

Saturday 7/18 -

Saturday we parked the boat in the middle of the lake and just spent the day swimming. I felt like a majestic dophin.

All weekend long we quoted that TikTok about when your hair is wet vs. wet wet.

This is my hair wet, but not really.

Sunday we drove home & stopped at Culver's because #Wisconsin.

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