Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: It Was Better Than I Expected

It was one hell of a weekend. We began by doing something really boring and way more expensive than I thought, we bought new garage doors. Are garage doors are beyond repair, there's a crack in them that has been fixed multiple times and now to open them we need to do it manually so we spent a few hours on Friday buying new garage doors and let me say I PRAY this is something you don't ever have to do because it's way more than I expected. After that we went home and did our favorite thing, porch rocked.

Saturday I was up early and hung the new door that I built for the raised vegetable garden that I built!

The heat on Saturday wasn't as bad as we thought it would be I THINK because the clouds helped keep it cool so we went to swimming at a lake in Monticello.We were there for a couple hours, had a blast and of course spent a ton of time getting this picture of Kristy with her new Unicorn inflatable just right. People were spread out enough, we had a little spot on the beach to ourselves and it ended being a great time.

Sunday hasn't really been that exciting. I bribed Olivia, got her to mow the lawn, here we are before she got started. (She asked we take a selfie because she feels she's been left out of my weekend in five

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