Study Finds If You Marry Early You're More Likely Develop A Major Problem

There’s no doubt some folks can rattle off a whole host of reasons why they would never marry young, and now science has added one more to the list. Apparently, those who marry young may wind up with a drinking problem.

A new study out of Virginia Commonwealth University finds that people who wed before the age of 21 have a higher risk of binge drinking compared to those who wait until they are more mature.

Previous studies have suggested marriage can help protect folks against developing an alcohol problem, but this new study claims that’s only the case if someone gets married when they are older. 

“In a sample of young adults, we found that marriage was not uniformly protective against alcohol misuse,” the study’s authorRebecca Smithshares. "In fact, we found that early marriage (i.e., by age 21) seemed to exacerbate risk for alcohol use among individuals with a higher genetic predisposition.” 

The study suggests the reason those who marry young may drink more is that “individuals who marry young may not be the best influences on one another.”

Source:Daily Mail

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