Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: I’m Jealous, a Dance Party and My Fav B-Fast

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m jealous! I’m jealous of all the people that are out doing whatever. I'm talking about all the people at bars and restaurants that act like this summer is like all the others. I have a friend I saw on Instagram and based on what they were posting you’d think it was just another Saturday night. They were doing it all and while I don't think they need to stay at home and they shouldn't be going out these are the same person that LOVE to show off, that act like they're the hot sh*t! Before a pandemic I would just roll my eyes but my god, some people are so thirsty! I don't know, maybe I sound like a crank. Do I?

I truly have no problem with you going out to meet friends at their home or at a restaurant but again, am I alone when I see people acting like nothings going on?

Anyway, you get it. I'm jealous.

Here's some regular stuff from the weekend

The Tiktok dances have become out of control at our house, here’s Olivia and our neighbor doing I’m guessing their third Tiktok of the day. I will see them outside and even when they aren’t making one, for example, they're walking down the street doing dances. I like Tiktok, it fun and I'm all for making your own but let's do something else too.

This pic is from my insta story, it's from Saturday of of me and Olivia dancing to the Beastie Boys. (it was not a Tiktok).

I am not a fashion guy, especially in the summer because I’m always super hot but I THRIVE in the fall and winter.I was looking at Pinterest and came upon this picture of Johnny Cash hunting and I think this will be my inspiration for Fall 2020.

Here’s the start to my favorite weekend breakfast.It’s my version of Sweet potato hash.Sweet potato, onion and not yet added to this, I also include veggie chorizo meat, peppers and summer squash.Cook em and top them with two eggs!

Final picture is Kristy with Charlie.

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