Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 7/10-7/12

This is gonna be a VERY boring weekend in five pictures, and I'm so sorry. Friday I came home and rode the Peloton then painted. I will share paintings at some point, but this is my setup!

Friday we had a very socially distanced happy hour with my friend, Amy. She works for K102. She's been at home since everything started. She hasn't even been to a store once!

Saturday we had the sweatiest walk around Lake Harriet, and today we walked around Lake of the Isles. I am the sweatiest human ever...well, next to Steve. Jake and I made a pact to be as healthy as we can from now until Olive's birthday. I needed a goal in mind. From there, we will hopefully have figured out what works for us in a way that still allows us freedom. We're on day 4...haha, but we're doing good!

We also looked at a house we love. We aren't in a rush to buy a new house at all, but we've looked at a couple. We REALLY liked this one. Anyway, we'll see. Did you sweat as much as me this weekend? haha

This is just a fun little pic of Olive to finish out my photos. I'm gonna meal prep lunches for the week. I'm making a couscous based taco bowl! Cheers to a great week ahead!

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