How Much Time Have Minnesotan's Spent Drunk During the Pandemic

Don't you wish you could just forget the last few months? Well, some of us have been ACTIVELY trying to do that. A new survey found the average person spent over a week of the lockdown DRUNK.

American Addiction Centers polled 3,000 people. And in the first 11 weeks of the pandemic, we spent 172 hours of it drunk. That's seven full days, plus four hours. And it's just the average. Here are the ten states that have been the drunkest since mid-March . . .

1. South Dakota, 468 hours drunk. That's 19-and-a-half days' worth, or a full QUARTER of the lockdown.

2. New Mexico, 444 hours.

3. New Jersey, 375.

4. Montana, 339.

5. Colorado, 337.

6. Connecticut, 288.

7. Minnesota, 272.

8. Georgia, 261.

9. Maine, 234 hours, or just under 10 days.

10. Mississippi, also 234. 

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