Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 7/3 - 7/5

I wasn't at a cabin, on a lake, or at a party this weekend. Instead I took some time to relax for once by sleeping in, going on walks, and watching Netflix. So the good news is, I didn't land in the ER like I did two 4th of July's ago, the bad news, this won't be the most exciting blog. BUT you should at least scroll to the last photo cause it might be my new fav of me and my boyfriend!

Friday night I was walking around Lake of the Isles and saw these hanging from a tree. There were 8 total. It looked like some have messages in them, a few had phone numbers on the bottom. I didn't investigate much further but if you have any idea what these are and want to pass along the info, I'd love to hear!

I slept in Saturday morning, but I'm on a new workout plan that I'm trying very hard to follow and it was my running day. So I got outside at noon, in the peak of the heat and made it about 1.25 miles before having to stop. I ran a few hills to make up for the short distance and then took this super seductive picture of me with sweat droplets coming off my chin.

Tina had some people over Saturday because Raven, the old night girl on KDWB was visiting from Texas. We did a few Instagram photo shoots so I took some behind the scenes pics.

At night we took some polaroid pics while we did sparklers. I love this one of me and Tina!

And now for my new favorite picture. My boyfriend and I decided to go hammocking on Sunday. I wanted a picture of us for this blog. So I set my phone up against my water bottle, hit the self timer, ran, jumped on the top hammock and this was the result. I looked at it and said "Yep, this is the one" as we laughed hysterically at it. I pointed out that he looks like Wilson from the show "Home Improvement" and now I think I might start calling him that.

Hope you survived the heat and are ready for another week of it because according to my doppler, it's not going away anytime soon.

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