Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Slowest Summer Weekend Ever?

It was one of those weekends that was nice cuz there wasn't much to do, but also one of those weekends that just kind of melted away.

I hope it was a good one for you, whether you were super-busy or just kind of taking it easy. Here's my weekend in five pictures!

Friday after work I asked Carson, "What can we do together?" I said how about we rent a canoe on Lake Ann and go fishing. No much reaction there. He said, "We can play catch in the front yard like we used to." Yeah, but that'll take 30 minutes. So he suggested we play tennis. We'd never played together before and we had a great time!

Saturday was when all the sitting around commenced. Susan was at her store and Carson was doing something so it was just me and Josie. I smoked some ribs in the back yard and played my banjolele with some music Chase sent me for Father's Day last weekend.

And I studied some of this book which is way too full of information for playing "Animal Crossing."

I'd mentioned to Steve that I might make the drive to Wisconsin to get some fireworks and he asked if I'd pick some up for him too. Well, I ended up not going but I remembered I had some leftovers in the basement so I got them all together to give to him.

Allison is the artist in our family so she made this adorable calendar for Susan's store. Her baby is due in a month and we're all very excited!

And that's it! I hope this is a great week for you! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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