Why You Should Visit Whitewater State Park

You know what’s the worst about getting outside in Minnesota during the summer? Mosquitoes. Now let me tell you about a destination that is known for their LACK of mosquitoes but more importantly their dramatic bluffs, sandy beaches, and vast array of hiking trails.That destination is Whitewater State Park. Located less than 2 hours south of the Twin Cities, you can take a day trip or make a whole weekend out of visiting this charming, picturesque state park .

Known for its hiking trails, Whitewater State Park offers easier routes along meadows and wooded valleys, or if you’re looking for more of a challenge, take a hike up the bluffs, overlooking deep ravines. No matter which trail you choose, make sure to pack a snack and take a break at one of the many benches that are perfectly placed along the trails to give you a breathtaking view of the park.

It’s important to point out that you are by no means limited to hiking with Whitewater State Park. You can relax at the beach, catch trout along the river, have a bbq in the picnic area or do a camping trip filled with all of these activities. One more added bonus, just down the street is the historic Elba Fire Tower, that reaches high above the trees for a view that is unmatched in Minnesota.

Head for the hills and escape to Whitewater State Park this summer for some good, clean fun in the dirt.

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