We saved a dog's life at this Winery.

I recently visited some family in Milwaukee, WI. It was a great time! However, our great time almost turned into a nightmare at a local Winery called Solu. The establishment is known for its random puppies and dogs walking around the premises at all times. The patrons play with the pups, drink wine, take photos with dogs, play fetch with them (until now).

One of the dogs is named, Red. Red is the staple of this Winery. There logo is made after him, there food truck has his face plastered on it. He's like the real life living mascot. Come to find out, he's the owners best friend and has been for the past 11 years.

One of the patrons at the winery was playing fetch with Red. This is common. They actually encourage it (or did).

They threw a stick in the pond for Red. He jumped in, grabbed the stick... but then started to struggle.. he lost all energy and just went under the water. Red was drowning. My table (closest to the pond) had to think quick. My uncle threw his wine to the side and ran to the water, I followed closely behind and proceeded to help him grab red from under the surface. About ten seconds passed but it felt like minutes. We managed to get red to shore and forced the water out of his body through a series of cpr like compressions on his chest.

It got dark and gloomy but after a few minutes Red was back to normal THANK GOD.

It's been a crazy 2020.

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