Absolutely Minnesota: Book and Supplies Drive for MN Charter Schools

A group of Charter schools in downtown Minneapolis is in need of support and have afew ways you can help. Here's a message laying out what they're looking for.

As far as books, we’re looking for mainly middle and high school level books but we’d love elementary level picture books as well! Most of our students have little siblings or cousins at home so we like to give them books to take home to promote reading at home, and we also have elementary schools in our district that would always love new book! Any bilingual books and books in Spanish or Somali would be amazing too. 

We have two different GoFundMe right now...one specifically for books to rebuild classroom libraries that were totally destroyed and another more general one to rebuild our school. The links are: 

GoFundMe for the school

Gofundme for the schools library

On the first gofundme there are links to our wishlists at Moon Palace Books which is a bookstore about a block away from our school. The only thing is if you buy a book from there, during checkout you need to write “for Rebecca Selander and the MTS book drive” or “for ______ and the MTS book drive” in the special instructions so that they keep the books at the store for us. We also have amazon wishlists which is probably way easier. They are: 




Part 2.

Supplies for for students.

We also have a resource room at our school for our families that need food, clothing, etc. Since our school is gone, we are trying to deliver supplies to families in need, especially now that many families have nowhere to shop since target and cub were destroyed. If people want to donate to that, this is what we are most in need of right now: 

Hand soap

-Shampoo and conditioner

-Body wash

-Toothpaste and tooth brushes


-toilet paper

-paper towels

-childrens underwear and socks

-laundry detergent

-pads and tampons

cleaning supplies

To drop off supplies or arrange for someone to pick them up (this is the same for books) please have people contact our school social worker, Courtney Stenseth at cstenseth@emailmtcs.org or you can call her at 6124058456.

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