Steve-O's Minnesota Vacation in 12 Pictures

Vacation started bright and early on Monday with Isaac and I going fishing at Lake Independence and it was insane. The dock was swarmed with fish and Isaac ended up catch 24 fish in a little over three hours.

I also spent the week doing projects around the house, working on the vegetable garden we have growing in our backyard and I even got to got to hand with some friends. Here's a picture of a fire in a friends backyard.

We also have some big news at our house, we have a BABY! Under the deck, on the electric box a bird has taken over a nest and on Tuesday one of the birds eggs cracked and now there's a baby.

When the temps finally cooled down we also ended up going to the dog park where I took this great picture of Charlie and Murray and the Elm Creek dog park.

The big "activity" for the week was to go on a mini road trip around the state and we figured the best idea would be to go places we'd heard of but had just never visited. We chose two "landmarks" and one state park which has a history similar to Gooseberry Falls. We ended up driving down to Austin, MN to see the SPAM Museum, then drove to Blue Earth to see the Jolly Green Giant statue and then north to see the bison and check out Minneopa Falls just outside of Mankato. Here are some of the pictures from that part of our adventure.

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