Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 6/12 - 6/14

Friday I spent a lot of time arguing with Expedia and still don't have my issue resolved so let's skip right ahead to Saturday. I got up Saturday morning and went for a run. Hit up a park afterwards for some hills and jump roping.

Saturday I got my hair done for the first time in 7 months. I go to David at Twiggs Salon in Wayzata and I can't sing enough praise for how good of a job he does!

Saturday night my boyfriend and I met up with my friend and her boyfriend at Boom Island to catch up and sip on some wine.

Sunday, we went to Cafe Astoria for lunch. I had never been there before and loved it!

Sunday night we went to my boyfriend's brother's house to help put their new treadmill in the basement and finally hold their newborn baby (with masks on). Because of COVID they made everyone wait 10 weeks until they could hold her. My boyfriend decided to walk her around the backyard and show her the flowers.

Dave recently talked about getting his swagger back since the pandemic hit and I haven't felt that way until this weekend. I feel mine slowly starting to come back as well.

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