Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 6/5 - 6/7

This weekend felt a little different now that more things are starting to open up. I started my weekend off by getting tested for coronavirus. I've gone to protests, rallies, and clean-ups and they are advising people to get tested within 5-7 days if you have attended these things. I went to the drive-thru at Park Nicollet in St Louis Park. You do have to schedule a time. I got there and was done within 5 minutes. It's really quick and from my experience I didn't think it hurt, just made my eyes water a little.

My vacuum broke so I went and got a new one. The same one. Should I have spent $200 more on a nicer one? Probably, but like a lot of people right now, I don't have a ton of disposable income so I just went for the one I had before that was much cheaper.

I got word that an artist named Josh Browne was painting this mural in Uptown so I went to check it out on Saturday. I'm not the most spiritual person but something/one was looking over all of us on that bridge last weekend so when I saw this mural I teared up. It's located on the windows of the Spyhouse in Uptown on Hennepin if you want to see it for yourself. (They are telling people to sign it if you were on the bridge)

My boyfriend and I grilled Saturday night.

Sunday I went to Highland Grill for brunch. I don't like going out to eat that much but I really enjoyed being at a restaurant, outside, and catching up with a couple friends I haven't seen in months.

Lastly, if you ever need help getting the word out about food drives, donations, clean-up, re-building, charities, the list goes on... please DM me on Instagram so I can help spread the word @jennykdwb!

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