75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice

We are asked by KDWB to post five or so blogs each week, starting with our Weekend in Five Pictures posts. This week, we on the show agreed that with all that happened this past weekend, carelessly posting a picture of us walking our dog or the dinner we made absolutely didn't feel right.

This is the first thing this week that I definitely wanted to post.

Some of these ideas may shock you. Some of them you might find a little extreme. But find a few that you can easily do. Easiest one? Tell your black friends that you love them. It'll surprise them and they'll probably ask if you're drunk for telling them out of the blue, but I'll bet it'll make you smile.

And challenge yourself not to just do the easy ones. Do a challenging one too. Or 6, or 43. And not just today, but regularly.

And I will include number 75 on the list: Credit Black men and women. Kara Springer, a black woman artist, created the image/public art that begins this piece. It’s called A Small Matter of Engineering, Part II.Christian Campbell tweeted to ensure the art was attributed appropriately and correctly.

Here's a link to the entire article from Medium.com


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