Steve-O's Memorial Day Weekend in Five Pics: We Have Projects!

Weekend started with Kristy and I getting to choose the movie we watch. We wanted to watch Back to the Future but instead watched BIG which is when we learned that PG in the 80s was very different from PG today. I also want to point out who thought it wasn’t weird to have a minor have a relationship like he did with a woman that was 30ish years old.

The weather ended up being way better than we originally expected, most afternoons were awesome but of course this happened during the storm on Saturday. I walked out into our garage and Isaac and our neighbor, Brody were just laying there in the rain "living their best lives'.

The big project we ‘began’ and have made little progress on Is building a raised garden bed in the backyard. I went to Home Depot with everyone that doesn’t have a cabin (the place was freaking packed). Who doesn't have a "project" while we're all being forced to spend more time at home? Nobody!

The big highlight of the weekend was how nice out evenings have been, we have a new outdoor set up so we were up hanging by the fire making smores, drinking beers.... and I'm now realizing that the end of this post is beginning to sound like a country song.

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