Jenny's Memorial Weekend in Five Pics

Happy Memorial Day. I know Memorial Day is to honor those that have lost their lives serving but also thank you to everyone who has or is serving!

Alright, I started my holiday weekend watching the YouTube video that Alex, a co-host on the Call Her Daddy podcast put out. There's a lot of drama going on with the hosts of that podcast and Barstool Sports based around compensation. I've been sucked into everything going on with it and then Falen recommended a podcast called "Be There in 5" where the host does a breakdown in a very non-biased way around what these girls deserved to be paid and if you care at all about all of this, you should listen to the latest episode linked here.

Saturday I got outside for a workout and was caught in the rain. I continued to workout until it started to downpour and then I headed back home.

My boyfriend and I went for a walk Saturday night.

Sunday we decided to head to Stillwater to do something different. It was interesting to think on a normal Memorial Day weekend, Stillwater would have been busy but it was pretty dead. We walked around, grabbed dinner from Leo's and dessert from MN Nice Cream!

When Covid is over and another holiday weekend comes along, if anyone wants to invite me to their cabin, I will accept any invitation!

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