Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Bird BNB, Our Awesome Front Yard and More!

The weekend has flown by once again and on Friday it looked like it was going to be an amazing weekend because the weather was perfect and during the Facebook Live I was able to sit outside under the lights, near the fire table that we got for the front yard.

We're also pretty hype about getting up the bird houses and feeder that we made for our birthday after a day with nobody coming to visit our Bird BNB has been PACKED!

Before the rain started and washed out the weekend we went out and we saw more great sidewalk chalk in our neighborhood.

Another big moment from the weekend was Isaac using money he had saved up to get the a Fortnite Nerf gun and Nerf vest. This may not be a surprise but Kristy has always said she wasn't gonna let Isaac have "guns" in the house but these things obviously change when you're stuck at home due to a pandemic.

Sunday it's been rainy all day but we've actually been pretty productive. I finished the Lego table for Isaac and we cleaned out the kids playroom which looks like a freakin war zone.

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