Sisters surprise mom outside hospital window after baby is born

Three sisters were excited for their newborn brother to enter the world so they showed some love from a safe distance as their parents looked from the hospital window.

Addison, Kennedy and Cora greeted newborn Brock on April 18 one day after he was born. With a DIY sign the girls stood with their grandparents Karen and Ronnie Kennedy outside Woman’s Hospital in Louisiana.

"I started crying," mom Amy Craig of Denham Springs, told "Good Morning America," of the surprise. "It was sweet, and I was glad we all had that special moment.”

Amy and Justin welcomed their newborn into the world despite the coronavirus pandemic.

"During labor you had to wear the mask," she said to “GMA.” "I guess the biggest thing was no one could come visit.”

After posting a picture online their new brother has become social media famous.

This story was originally published byGood Morning America.

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