Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 5/8 - 5/10

I stumbled upon a house near Lake of the Isles that had planted a thousand tulips and put a sign up that said "Hope these tulips brighten your day. Thank you delivery, mail, garbage/recycle, grocery, and all workers! You're amazing and very much appreciated." My boyfriend was over Friday night and we wanted to take his dog for a walk so I showed him the beauty of this yard.

We cook a lot of extravagant meals but Friday night we kept it simple with chicken, brussels sprouts, quinoa, and salt and pepper for seasoning.

I sat down this weekend and started to learn "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the uke. The version I'm learning has some difficult strumming so I'm not very far but hopefully by the end of this week I'll learn the full song!

My boyfriend got me flowers for Mother's Day because we are expecting. JUST KIDDING. He was ordering snacks from GoPuff and I guess they have flowers on there too so he bought me some cause he's the best.

He also introduced me to Talenti. They were on sale at Cub and I had a moment of weakness while I was there on Sunday and bought two. I'll probably never go back to Ben & Jerry's after eating these.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mom/mom figures out there!! Special shout-out to my mom, sister and Falen, you all are wonderful humans and amazing moms!

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