Everyone Should Get a Parade On Their Birthday

Something I didn't realize until recently was that I really am a person that loves the company of people. I turned another year older on Tuesday and ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off for my birthday and it was totally worth it. I started my day with a five mile run and came home to signs and a celebration by my family but it got real good when friends and neighbors drove down the street honking, showing off homemade signs and wishing me happy birthday.

The birthday was great because it ended up being a good balance of different things.

I ran five miles (yes, I'm bring this up again so you know that I am a effing athlete!)

We did a little celebration and then we got to work with a birthday project which was for us to make bird houses which I think went really, really well.

The surprise of the day happened at 5:30. I was sitting downstairs doing stuff for the radio show when I was told I need to get outside which is when I heard sirens and honking and around the corner came my eight year-old, Isaac yelling 'Happy Cinco De-Steve" on a megaphone along with a bunch of friends and neighbors. A parade like this for YOU is magical and while it sucks to have a bday during a quarantine, who cares when you can experience something as cool as this!

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