Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Walk for Animals, Building and Child Labor

The weather was perfect over the weekend and after the show on Friday I went out and delivered signs for frontline workers battling Covid-19.

On Saturday morning I had to run errands and with my new haircut I had to take a selfie and I'll admit it, I think I look freakin sexy in this picture. I was pretty proud of it so I sent it to my wife who responded saying, "The mask is inside out". ARRRRGGGHH!!!

This past Saturday was the Animal Humane Society's virtual walk for animals. The weather was incredible all weekend so here I am with our dogs.

Another blessing in our house, I don't know why but Olivia asked to mow the lawn (she didn't ask to get paid) and while the lines were far from good, it doesn't matter because it's done and I hope this isn't a one time deal.

If you've read my last few updates from my weekend then you know that one of the things I've been busy working on is a lego table for Isaac and while it's hard to get to during the week we finally have all the drawers in, we're sanding and I feel like we're close to done. Here's Isaac sanding the table over the weekend.

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