101.3 KDWB Honors Frontline Heroes with Signs

101.3 KDWB & The Dave Ryan in the Morning know that doctors, nurses and essential workers are putting their lives on the line every single day during this fight against coronavirus.

We are so thankful to for these Heroes & wanted to make sure they were honored in their communities. With the help of our sales team, we delivered signs to Frontline Heroes across the Twin Cities nominated by YOU!

Special thank you to the UPS store for providing these incredible signs.

We also wanted to share this special story from one of our deliverers -

On one of our last sign deliveries, we met a man in front of his house having coffee. His wife, Angela, is an ICU nurse at the VA hospital. He told us all about Angela and how she cares for people who are dying alone during this time. We were able to meet Angela and talk with them for quite some time. It was a really touching experience and we felt so grateful to get to be part of it.

Angela's sister is an artist and created this piece to honor her sister and the other Frontline Heroes working today.

You can check out her art and read her story HERE.

Thank you to all the Heroes!

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