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If you want to learn a new instrument, or learn an instrument for the first time, a ukulele is a great choice. I won't say it's easy to learn, but you can play actual songs with just a little bit of practice, where another instrument, say a piano or a flute is gonna be a much longer learning curve. And you can keep improving and get as good as these two!

I bought 10 ukes from Groth Music in Bloomington (shout out!) and they sold them to me at their cost. AND they threw in 10 more, plus another five from Hal Leonard Music in Winona. Wow! Love the generosity of people in Minnesota and everywhere! Plus, everyone who wins is eligible for online lessons from Spark School of Music!

BTW, here's a happy uke winner from a few days ago. Shout out Amaya!

Sign up to win here!

That'll you to my blog page, so just scroll down to sign up. You only have to sign up one time and I'll email you if you win.

And if you need a uke and can't wait to win one, call Groth Music at 952-884-4772 and for about $50 they can get you a great one and have it ready for you curbside.

Good luck!


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