Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/24 - 4/26

What day is it?

...and does it even matter?

Friday 4/24 -

Friday night my roommate and I decided to make margaritas (our new favorite pastime) and sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while we waited for our takeout to be ready.

We got Ariana's for dinner. It was SO GOOD! If you love greek food & live near St. Louis Park you definitely need to add it to your quarantine take out list.

Check them out HERE.

Saturday 4/25 -

I went back to my parents this weekend because they've been deep cleaning the house and decided I need to clean out my bedroom there. To be fair, they were definitely right.

I asked if we could have a bonfire and make pizza pudgie pies! If you're unfamiliar, it's basically a pizza uncrustable you make in the bonfire. It's incredible & so are s'mores.

Sunday 4/26 -

I got rid of a lot...

Ok not ALL of this is mine, but a lot of it is.

I worked up and appetite so my mom and I made some homemade cod nuggets with fries. Yummmm

When my parents cleaned out their closet they found all these fire sweatshirts from the 80's-90's. Since that's like 97% of my wardrobe I took them off their hands. Super excited to start wearing them!

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