Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: A Tragic Accident

And another mostly-beautiful and surreal weekend is behind us. Last weekend in April 2020.It's been quite a year and we still don't know what the rest of the year might hold, but I hope you were able enjoy your weekend. The weather was mostly great and everyone was out.

We went our Saturday morning to walk to Von Hanson's Meats in Chanhassen, 3 plus miles away. It was great. I took a backpack to carry ribs home. No pictures of the actual walk, but I do have this to show for it.

Later Saturday afternoon, we put out our patio furniture, including some hammocks we bought at the state fair about 10 years ago. I guess that weather and age has finally gotten the best of this one. I sat in it and Carson instinctively pulled out his phone and got pictures. I was trapped as this thing came apart and threw me out on the ground. You can see the video on my Instagram @daveryankdwb.

Saturday night, I was playing Animal Crossing and finally figured out how to invite someone to my Island. Thanks for visiting, Ashley!

If that makes no sense to you, I totally understand!

Sunday afternoon I smoked ribs outside and they turned out really well, maybe a tad bit overdone, but pretty good!

While the ribs were smoking, I wrote and recorded a parody song on my laptop. It's done and you'll hear it Monday!

I know things are dragging on, but I hope you're doing okay. They say that laughing and smiling to familiar voices helps people a lot and that's what I hope we can do for you. We're staying away from the more serious stuff right now so you can get a break and think happier thoughts.

Thanks for listening and as always thanks for looking at my blog!


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