Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/17 - 4/19

I kicked off the weekend by dusting off the bike and went for a long ride Friday afternoon. It felt amazing but bummed about all the construction that restricts some of my favorite Minneapolis trails now.

Saturday, I got outside for a run and got sunburnt again. Then I headed to my boyfriend's and we decided to make that viral whipped coffee and attempt a 1000 piece puzzle.

We stayed up until 1:30am working on it. Woke up Sunday morning with fresh eyes, fresh muffins, and fresh coffee and attempted to go to work on the puzzle again.

Midday we went for a walk to take a break and get some fresh air.

And then sat back down and finished this bad boy. There are so many levels of emotions putting together a puzzle. First it's excitement, then frustration, then determination, more frustration, almost there, wait no.... more frustration, seriously almost there, last few pieces.... and finished! I don't ever do puzzles so I'm happy to have done something different but it will be a long time until I attempt one that big again.

I've gotten some questions about where the puzzle is from...the original website we got it from isn't selling it anymore. But maybe your Internet search skills are better than mine, look up "Anne Bentley Love Lives Here 1000 Piece Puzzle".

Probably the least eventful weekend I've had during this time yet but at the same time, every weekend is starting to feel that way. Hope you at least enjoyed that sunshine! Have a great week!

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