Dave's Weekend in 5 Pictures: I Ordered Hand-Sanitizer; This Is What I Got

Another crazy weekend in quarantine. Well, not for everyone. Now about 1/3 of us want to immediately end the shutdown and get back out there. I'm not going to talk about that here, but it was interesting to read all my friends' opinions about it on social media. I had no idea how many people I knew studied medicine!

Here we go with my weekend in five pictures!

Friday was a nice night, so I took my girl out for a walk. BTW, the hand-free leash is from Fido's Pantry in Chanhassen and the Clipadoo is available on Etsy.com, search Clipadoo.

Good news! I found hand-sanitizer online! Bad news! I paid $6 bucks a bottle and got 2 bottles (I didn't want to hoard). And when it arrived, it was tiny, 2-ounce bottles. My fault because the page does say "2-ounces." But at that prices I thought for sure it was a bigger bottle. Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware.

This picture is from one of favorite little places in the Twin Cities. Right by Flying Cloud Airport in EP, there's a little place that must have been a tourist stop at one time. It overlooks the Minnesota River Valley and there's a place where a plaque once stood to explain what it was all about. Now it's crumbled and vandalized with litter everywhere. But the view is still amazing and I rode past it on my motorcycle Saturday and decided to stop for a look. If you know anything about this or what is was for and when, please email me at daveryan@kdwb.com

Same motorcycle ride Saturday, I rode to one of my favorite towns, Carver, MN. It still looks like a movie set of the 1800's. Just a great little town. The bars I go to there are closed so I went and sat in the park for a break. On the gazebo in the park was a serve-yourself food pantry. It's hard to see bu these boxes are full of food, noodles, canned goods, beans, rice, feminine products, etc. No one is guarding it and I was so impressed that number one, it was there. Number two, that no one had come and taken everything. Nope. Tons was still there for families and individuals who need it. We live in a great state, don't we?

Getting some steps in on my little stepper. People ask so I'll save you the trouble: It's called "In Motion" and my models isn't available on Amazon anymore but there are a bunch of similar models. Under $100 and I use it all the time. No, I'm not getting paid to say that. It's just a product that has worked well for me.

Okay, back to it on Monday! We're getting the hang of this and it's working so well, so don't stop now!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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