Here Are Five Ideas for Your Dating Profile Bio During Quarantine

An industry that is thriving right now is the dating app industry and if you are contributing to that, using the dating apps but need some help with your bio, here are 5 conversation starters during quarantine:

When You Need A Conversation Starter

Zoom > Skype

Netflix < Hulu

Pharma C > Purell

Stocking up on toilet paper < Stocking up on wine

Your thoughts?

When You're Willing To Get Real

I haven't put on a pair of real pants in 10 days, and I'm not mad about it.

When You're Looking To Chat

Swipe right to put the "social" in "social distancing."

When You Want To Be Clear With Your Intentions

Just trying to do some virtual flirting in the face of a global pandemic.

When You're Up For Brainstorming

First date ideas:

  • Syncing our Netflix accounts and virtually chilling
  • Smiling seductively at each other from a safe six-foot distance
  • Exchanging pics of our sexiest self-isolation ensembles

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