60 Mixtape Game Scenarios For You To Use While In Isolation

The Dave Ryan Show plays the Mixtape Game every Friday morning and since we're all stuck at home we figured we'd share 60 scenarios you can use to play the game with family.

1. Be honest, old or new, what's the song you hate to love?

2. You find yourself the captive of another staff meeting that could have been an email. THAT person raises their hand with another question and it feels like the meeting will never end. As you make eye contact with your work bestie from across the room and roll your eyes, what song is playing in your head? 

3. If you had an amazing voice what song would you have sung to your spouse at your wedding?

4. The room goes silent as you walk into a bar deep in the heart of Mexico. Two tequila shots later you turn around because the uncomfortable stares from the locals have made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. In walks the scariest man you've ever seen. He walks over to the jukebox, drops in a few quarters and presses J6 what song plays?

5. You’ve been cryo-frozen and brought back 1000 years from now. What song do you play for people in the future, to sum up, music from your time?

6. As you walk out into the courtyard it's evident you're not alone. Lurking in the shadows or 20 the most lethal ninjas. You draw your samurai sword... It's go time. What's playing in the background?

7. Just found a kilo of the purest Colombian cocaine known to man. What is the sine the places you in a random group of friends tear into the booger sugar? The context it's the 1990s

8. You finally made it big and have an interview with Jimmy Falon. What song plays over the roar of the crowd as he introduces you onto stage

9. You slap your 2-week notice on your boss's desk, slo-mo knock off their cup of pens, and strut out of their office with an air of accomplishment. What song plays as you brush off your shoulders and give your coworker the finger gun

10. You and your family are vacationing along the sprawling plains of Kansas. You look out the window of your farmhouse Air BnB only to see a twister coming right for you! What song plays as you corral your family into the beat-up old pickup truck to outrun the oncoming disaster

11. It’s December 31st, 2009, what song were you listening too when the clock struck 12!  

12. what song do you play during a fight you have with a significant other?

13. You just won a full makeover, what song plays as you go from boring and plain to a total smokeshow?

14. You’re in the back of an uber stuck in traffic when your/your spouses water breaks. There’s nothing you can do, you’re stuck in gridlock. What song do you have the Uber driver play?  

15. It’s 1am, you’re at a bar and you catch the eye of a CRUSH and moments later your name is called to sing Karaoke. What song do you perform to get the person to meet you at pound town? 

16. You aren’t allowed to listen to music for an entire year. When the year is up, what’s the first song you listen to? 

17. You’ve had a really bad night.  Things just aren’t going your way, you got a flat tire, you got into an argument with your lover.  What song plays?  

18. You have loud, obnoxious neighbors living above you. What song do you play, at high-volume, to get back at them?

19. The tub is full of warm soapy water, the wine is poured, the candles are lit and your lover awaits you in the tub. What song is playing as you slip in the water beside them?

20. You’re responsible for hosting you High School Reunion. What song would you play to get the party started?

21. Some artist/groups don’t get the respect they deserve. The bands or singer doesn’t have to be a one hit wonder but what song by an artist doesn’t get the respect that it deserves.   

 22. You run into your ex that broke your heart for the first time, he/she asks to get coffee and “catch up” but you’re so over him/her. What song is playing as you decline his/her coffee invitation?

23. At this current point in life, what song is the most accurate representation of your life?  

24. You’ve uncovered a conspiracy within the United States government.  As you stand in front of a cork board with red string connecting the pieces of the puzzle together. What song is playing?  

25. Your car breaks down at 2am between here and Hutchinson. Middle of nowhere. You don’t have your phone to call anyone. A stranger pulls over and asks if you need a ride to town. You say yes and get in but this stranger is scary, their face hidden in shadows and you sense danger. What song is playing on the radio?

26. Everyone’s getting ready for a sorority party at the same time in the bathroom. What song is playing in the background?

27. You’ve been hired by Rockabye Baby, a company that turns songs into instrumental lulabyes to pick the next song that will be a smash with parents and newborns across America. What song do you pick? 

28. Your doctor suspected you might have a fatal monkeypox disease. But she just read you your test results and you only have a cold. Your life has been spared! What song is playing on your mixtape as you dance out of the hospital?

29. You just need a good cry to get it out of your system. What song is playing?

30. It’s been a long cold lonely winter but finally here comes the Sun. What song is playing? By the way you’re not allowed to choose here comes the sun.

31. The tub is full of warm soapy water, the wine is poured, the candles are lit and your lover awaits you in the tub. What song is playing as you slip in the water beside them?

32. What song would you flash mob to as a way to impress a first date? 

33. What song plays as you drive home from an epic all-night party where you killed it with the person you've been crushing on all year? 

34. What screaming guitar solo do you play at the talent show to melt the faces off your peers to steal the win?

35. What is the most American, blue-collar sweating, hard work, quitting time, old truck, montage song? 

36. You’re on a 14 hour road trip. What is the worst song eve to be played on repeat the entire drive?

37. You have been nominated for president of United States. What is your campaign theme song in that shows people you truly want to make the United States a great country for everyone?

38. You are a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon, what song would you want to be popped too?

39. What song reminds you of your father?  

40. You just got to Mount Everest and you're watching the sunrise, what is the song that you would play? 

41. Best song to listen to while driving a monster truck at a monster truck rally.

42. The first song you knew you would get in trouble for listening to. 

43. You just find out school is cancelled for a snow day, what song is playing

44. You stub your toe, for the 30 seconds of pain right after, what song is ringing in your ears

45. You run into your ex that broke your heart for the first time, he/she asks to get coffee and “catch up” but you’re so over him/her. What song is playing as you decline his/her coffee invitation?

46.What song is playing after you just slayed the interview for your dream job?

47. If you ended up in a maximum-security prison, what one song would you play that tells the other inmates to not even mess with you?

48. You’ve been asked by the graduating class of 2019 in Nimrod, MN to pick the song that plays after all 19 seniors graduate. What song do you pick to help encourage the next generation to reach for the stars? 

49. You and your lover are ready to make love on your silk sheets and usually for you two to get in the mood you just have to pop in your copy of Silk ‘freak me’ but after 11 years of use the CD is destroyed. You decide its time to pick a new R&B song to get things going, what song do you pick? 

50. You decide to start a laundry folding business and you want people who come to your shop to have their clothes folded to walk in and no that you mean business!!!!. What song is playing when people enter your store? 

51. You want to get into USC but your parents are poor and can't bribe anyone. What song do you play as you cram for your SAT test?

52 You're about to go into surgery to get that nosejob that you so desperately need, but the doctor tells you it's risky because of the sheer size of your schnoz, and you're nervous. What song is playing on your mixtape as you wait on the operating table?

53. You enter your dog in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. As your adorable pooch is jumping through hoops while wearing a skirt and funny hat, what song is playing to the crowd over the PA?

54. You and a bunch of friends decide to start a band, your first show is at the Red, White and Boom Bonanza at ‘Loose Loon’ bar and grill. What song do you play to get the crowd on the dance floor? 

55. You are the new director of an erotic clown movie. During the big clown sex scene, what song do you choose to perfectly set the mood?

56. You are going to see the new Marvel movie and to get fired up, you want to play the best movie theme song of all time. You want to play one that everyone instantly associates with the movie. What movie theme song do you play?

57. You’re in Spain. You can hear the snorts and extra stomping of hooves echo behind the wooden doors. At any moment, your first run of the bulls begins... What song plays as those doors swing wide open?

58. You think your house may be haunted, items have gone missing, you've heard groaning (not the good kind) coming from the walls and you want them GONE. What song do you play on repeat to get them to leave? 

59. If you ended up in a maximum-security prison, what one song would you play that tells the other inmates to not even mess with you?


60. You’re out for a walk when you suddenly come face to face with a 7 foot tall Grizzly Bear. You scream, the bear lunges at you. What song is playing in your mind as your life flashes before your eyes? 

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