Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: Building a Barre and Moms Are Losing It

Was your weekend as weird as ours? Having to stay home is so strange, it's good but there have been numerous moments where I wish I could go to the airport and flyaway! I think it's because we're stuck at home and while we could let our kids sit on gadgets all day (and they are more then usual) we do try to keep them from being on all the time.

One of the major activities of the weekend has to be that we finally started watching Tiger King and like everyone else we're addicted and I hope like everyone else you agree that they're all disgusting.

Another big project for the weekend was building Olivia a ballet barre. Since she isn't able to take classes in person she now has to do classes at home and instead of using the back of the couch using PVC and wood I created a ballet barre she can use.

Since Friday was the only nice day of the weekend we were looking for things to do and the kids across the street started building a shelter so Isaac started building his own. Saturday he moved his shelter building inside and used boxes to build a "mansion" in the house. Here's the shelter he's been working on.

Like most people we've been going on more walks and the dogs love it but on Sunday because of all the rain we had to skip the walk which means the dogs start wrestling more and the smallest dog, Louie thinks he's the same size as our two Golden Doodles.

Last but not least, proof that mother's are losing it. Kristy was using the "House Party" app on Saturday evening and ended up creating the following piece of "I'm losing my mind" artwork.

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