Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/27 - 3/29

Friday night I went for a walk around Lake of the Isles. There really isn't a time the lakes in Uptown aren't busy as long as it's light out, so I tried my best to keep my distance from people but did get a little close to these guys to creepily take a pic because they were enjoying some road beers. This is something my friends and I would definitely do!

On my way home I passed a group of people that was sitting outside of their place, doing some axe throwing and then someone yelled "Jenny" cause she recognized me from the show. I stopped and chatted for a bit and then made them take this picture because this would go down as one of the more exciting events from my weekend with social distancing.

Saturday I got out for a run. I was so close to not going because it had started to rain but then remembered what Dave said last week that you can still go outside and do things in the rain. So I ran, and did one of the fastest 3 miles I've done in a while!

Saturday night my friends and I got together on the House Party app and played some drinking games. This was flip cup. It was fun but I definitely miss seeing everyone in person.

And Sunday I made brunch for the man friend and myself. My mom has the best buttermilk pancake recipe she gave me a while back and I recently bought buttermilk so I made a double batch to use it all up and it resulted in that tower of pancakes! I froze most of them but for the aesthetic of this picture, they are all on that plate!

I came to the realization this weekend that even though I'm an extreme extrovert and constantly want to be socializing, being forced to slow down and stay home has been an unexpected nice change. Not sure if any other extroverts feel the same, but I've been adjusting just fine.

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