Dave's Weekend In Five Photos: I Finally Threw This Away and It Wasn't Easy

The order to shelter in place took effect Friday at midnight and honestly, it hasn't affected me much. We've been staying home anyway, although I did get out for some exercise and a bike ride.

Here's my weekend in five pictures.

Web girl Tina is learning how to play cribbage so we got online to play on Friday. She did great and stayed in the game until the very end!

Got the bike out for the first time on Friday and I was surprised to see so many other bikes out. I was being super-cautious because this definitely isn't a time you want to end up in the ER. It was beautiful and I randomly rode up to the a skate park in Mound. The people there weren't doing a very good job of social distancing so I sat off in the baseball dugout and just relaxed for awhile before riding back.

Saturday, we cleaned the basement. We have a lifetime of everything down there. One of the hardest things to throw away were the framed pictures of us with Allison when she was little. But we have plenty of other pictures of us so I tossed these in the trash. I know this picture looks staged but it was real and it sucked, but also felt kind of nice to have a few less things in the house.

This is my salt and pepper shaker collection. I started collecting them when I was about 26 and I just loved them. Like a little mailman next to a mailbox, or a meter reader next to a parking meter, or a martini next to an aspirin. I loved them! I used to have a glass display case for them all. Friends and family would buy me a new set for my birthday or Christmas. After about 5 year or maybe 10, I lost interest and packed them away in the basement. This weekend I got them all out, took this picture and gave them away for free on the Next Door app.

Here they are, all boxed up, sitting on the front porch waiting to be picked up. It's funny what we get sentimental about.

Since so many of us are out walking our dogs, I thought I'd put a mention of The Clipadoo Too on my Instagram because it's something I really believe in. And we got swamped with orders so I spent some time making new ones. I'm not making any money on them really. At this point, it's just something I want people to have because it's so convenient. You can pick one up here.

Thanks for looking at my blog. Steve, Falen, Jenny, Tina and myself are really privileged to be able to help provide you with some fun and interesting distractions while we are all going through what is the most unusual time in our memory. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.


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