Minneapolis Teacher Turns "Let It Go" into "Stay At Home"

Shout out to all the teachers who are working so hard to still educate their students from home but especially this one! Her name is Caitlin and she just so happens to be a great friend of mine / old roommate. She used to sing in her room on the regular when we lived together and I loved it.

She posted this on Facebook and just had to share!

"I’ve been spending my time planning, creating, and filming distance learning lessons for my students. I’m amazed by the work educators are doing to create valuable learning for all students, and only having 2 WEEKS to do it. But I’m finding myself missing many things. Distance learning doesn’t allow teachers to greet their students with hugs every morning. It doesn’t allow you to hear the laughs, interactions, and pure joy that comes from kids learning in a classroom. I missmy students!

Everyday my coworker Stephanie and I would sing a version of Let it Go called Stack your Chairs. The kids loved it and would ask us if we were going to sing it each day. I wanted to bring some of that weirdness and fun to my students even when they’re at home. So here it is, a new version of that song called Stay at Home. I hope it also brings you joy and I hope you do just that, stay at home, so we can all get back to doing the things we love!

<3 Ms. Lehner "

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