Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: A Great Way to Spread Positivity

Having to stay at home is harder than I expected. I thought it was something I would enjoy but it's a battle to do things differently but there are two things we've done everyday that I really enjoy.

  1. We walk the dogs for at least an hour outside. Kristy and I talk and Olivia and Isaac use it as an opportunity to strategize Roblox.
  2. The new thing we're doing it leaving messages for people with chalk. It's silly, harmless and put a smile on peoples faces.

We've also used the break to do a number of Instagram LIVE at dinner time. Saturday we ended up making homemade pizza which was awesome and interacting with people on Instagram. It's also been a great opportunity for us to interact with the outside world. We ended up doing Instagram dinner again on Sunday but before that Olivia wanted to perform for everyone at home so she performed two songs from iZomies in our Christmas tree room.

I spent the entire afternoon on Saturday cleaning out the garage, something that wouldn't of gotten done if not for having to stay at home.

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