Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/20 - 3/22

I was going to be in Dallas this past weekend but decided to obviously cancel that trip. So I had no other plans around here, which made a weekend of social distancing much easier. Here's what I did while in my apartment for 48 hours straight. I Facetimed with my sister and niece.

Saturday I woke up and did an online workout class and then cleaned until I couldn't clean anymore. I have never cleaned the brush roller of my vacuum that is 2 years old and spent 30 minutes doing that. LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!

After all the cleaning I succumbed to my Tik Tok addiction and made a bunch of Tik Toks. This is a screengrab from one that I spent way too much time on because you had to get it just perfect for the "ghost effect". Follow me on Tik Tok to see everything I did, @jennykdwb!

Sunday, Falen and I planned to do a yoga class over Facetime. I grabbed a quick screenshot right before we got started and clearly didn't warn Falen, but she's beautiful no matter eyes open or closed!

And I finally left my apartment after 48 hours straight inside to go play some soccer. Luckily there was just one other person playing on the opposite side of the field so we were able to keep our distance. SO excited the snow is almost gone and it's warming up a bit which means many more outdoor activities.

If you had to take 5 pics of your past weekend, what would they be of? Netflix? Cleaning? An empty bottle of wine? Something to ponder....

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