Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures, One of Which Created a Little Drama

What a weekend. So different than what we're used to in so many ways. If you're having some trouble and challenges with everything that's going on, check out my other blogs:

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Okay, let's do it! Here comes my weekend in five pictures!

Saturday morning we decided it was a good time to start throwing out stuff in the basement. It's a morbid thought but I was thinking how awful it would be if something happened to us, the last thing Allison and Carson would want to do or have time for, would be to go through the stuff in the basement. I threw out old radio t-shirts, souvenirs, tapes, videos, pictures, abandoned hobbies, etc. And I found this old picture of Susan and her boyfriend right before me. I didn't really get mad at all, but I was like,"Why do you still have this?" But we all probably have something from an ex buried somewhere deep in our old stuff.

Saturday afternoon, Josie and I went to Carver Park Reserve for a long walk. There were a lot of people there but I know a back path most people don't go on. It's about 3 miles and we only saw about 3 other people on it. If you want to know which trail it is, check out my podcast.

Josie is a lot like a 6-year old kid. She goes right through the puddles with glee and enthusiasm. She got a little bath when she got home. Some dogs don't mind baths. What about your dog?

I bought a bunch of weed and had to portion it out to make sure it lasts. That's not true. I hate weed. This is green tea, which helps calm my nerves and relaxes me. And that was definitely a thing this weekend. If you want to try it, go to this link and order Sencha Green Tea. It's loose leaf so you'll need one of these.

Back to cleaning the basement on Sunday. I found this. We didn't have much money when I was a kid so any kind of toy was pretty special. I don't know how I got this ring, whether I got it out of a gumball machine myself or someone in my family gave it to me, but I do remember I was pretty proud of it when I was about 5 or 6. I had no idea I still had it or why or even how I saved it, so seeing it again was really cool and sentimental. It's like it was hiding all these years just to give me a smile this weekend. I definitely wasn't going to throw it away, so I put it in a zip lock bag with a note explaining what it was for when my kids might find it one day. I'm ridiculously sentimental!

I sincerely hope you had a peaceful weekend, smiled a lot and enjoyed your down time as much as you possibly can. We have a long, hard road ahead and I know if we all pull together and take care of each other, we will come out on the other side.

Thanks so much for looking at my blog.


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