Are You Drinking Too Much While You're Staying Home?

I get it. I think it was Homer Simpson who once said, "Sweet alcohol helps numb the pain." And it does, for a few hours, then you either wake up or sober up and you actually feel worse than you did. The problem is still there but your mind and body feel like shit.

As someone who's really had to watch their drinking during my life, I get it. A glass of wine or two literally makes our problems seem like they might not be as serious. Or it just makes the hard to concentrate on. Yes, there's a reason we drink when we're upset or worried or hurt or sad or angry.

The problem with drinking excessively during this Coronavirus outbreak is that it's going to go on for a long time. How long, we don't know, but certainly longer than most of our problems. So you can't every day while we wait this out. If you do, you'll have another problem on your hands, and it's one of the hardest problems in the world to fix.

So what do you do? Take a few minutes and read this article. It'll give you some of the whys about drinking and give you some other ideas that are much better for us and more effective in the long run.

Check it out here.

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